The Machinery Directive has helped increasing workers’ safety by providing specifications for machine design and construction that can minimize the risks arising from machine use. The Machinery Directive applies to the following products:

  • machines;
  • interchangeable equipment;
  • safety components;
  • accessories for lifting;
  • chains, ropes, straps;
  • mechanical transmission removable devices;
  • partly completed machinery (parts that almost make up a machine, but are not able to perform a specific application on their own – for example: a drive system – that is intended to be incorporated or assembled with other machines or assembled with other partly completed machinery or devices in order to form a machine).

The certification of the machines is permitted only if they meet the essential requirements for health and safety imposed by the EU Machinery regulations and subsequent additions and amendments.

The manufacturer must issue the technical documentation and the internal measures that must be implemented to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the EU Machinery regulations..

PROSYSTEM ENGINEERING S.r.l. complies with European regulations and can provide its technical support to companies for:

  • Inspections and meetings to check the machines’ conformity according to the applicable standards.
  • Analysis of the machine and verification of the essential safety requirements, including risk evaluation.
  • The list of essential safety requirements, standards and other technical specifications used in the design of the machines.
  • Information on any adjustments that must be made to the machine in order to be in line with the current legislation.
  • Explanation of the methods adopted in order to eliminate risks presented by the machine.
  • Preparation and/or verification of designs for machines according to UNI and CEI regulations.
  • Preparation and/or verification of designs of the Technical Documentation and the User and Maintenance Manuals according to standards.
  • Preparation of Use and Maintenance Manuals.
  • List of applicable regulations.
  • Preparation of declarations of conformity.
  • CE Marking Conformity